(excerpt from page 3)

A friend of mine who now lives in Kuala Lumpur wanted to show me some live video on the internet of what her son looks like. I did the research and sound a software used for interactive chat rooms. You hook up a webcam to your computer and you can broadcast images of yourself, as well as see everyone else in the room. My friend in Malaysia and I met only once in virtual space, but since then I have become a regular of this internet community.

(excerpt from page 6)

I watch naked men waiting in front of their computers, I watch their naked bodies juxtaposed with the keyboard, the screen and all the cables. Like a tourist in a foreign land I begin to make screen shots of my desktop. I capture images of people, naked, sometimes headless, watching the screen, waiting for something to happen. Like a street photographer I move in this new kind of space and I document all that I see. Unlike a street photographer I often find myself in office spaces, living rooms, and even bedrooms. The street and the home have blended together. And my muse? Does he know I am making a picture? How can he not know, when he is the one constructing the picture for me, adjusting his own webcam to find the best angle, and the best light conditions. All I have to do is pick the right moment and click.


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